Q: Why would I want an interactive whiteboard in my library?

A: Six Reasons to Utilize an Interactive Whiteboard in the Library Media Center:

1. It's an excellent tool for reaching and teaching multiple intelligences. The combination of video, audio, images, and text effectively engages visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners, etc. Using the interactive whiteboard makes differentiated instruction easier—you can build that differentiation right into the presentations.

2. Interactive whiteboards are very engaging! A student who utilizes his/her tactile sense is actively manipulating the lesson content, while particpants watching are anticipating what will happen next. Interactive whiteboard foster active, rather than passive, learning.

3. Using an interactive whiteboard can unite literacy and technology. There are many ways to actively engage readers with literature, including manipulating words on the screen, dragging and dropping images to show a story sequence, as well as visiting author/illustrator websites. Creating lessons that use technology to reinforce print resources has never been easier.

4. The ease of demonstrating and teaching technology skills without distraction is unparalleled. Using an interactive whiteboard is an excellent way of demonstrating a technology skill to 25 students at once...without the teacher having to run between 25 separate screens for individualized instruction.

5. Our 21st century students are digital natives of a
visual culture who are accustomed to personal interaction with their technology. Why wouldn’t we want to harness that trait and use it to our teaching advantage? Remember…it’s a Library MEDIA Center!

6. It’s FUN…while still being spectacularly effective!


Does your Library Media Center include access to an interactive whiteboard? Do you think it should?
What other reasons
justify the presence of an IWB in an LMC setting?