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    As members of a local “School Librarians Support Group” (...which does not involve a 12-step program...truly...), Michelle and Amy met and began discussing challenges, ideas, and “cool stuff” for their libraries. When the topic turned to interactive whiteboards, both bemoaned the fact that all the awesome information out there was for every kind of teacher except a teacher-librarian. Since they couldn’t find what they were looking for, they decided to create it themselves and invite everyone to join them. Thus, this session was born. Join the party! {MyAvatarTall.JPG}
    Beginning her fifthninth year, Michelle
    As a result of her various teaching positions over the past 14 years in Bloomington, IL, Amy Oberts has been affectionately labeled a “teaching gypsy” by her principal. She has embraced working with junior high school students at the eighth and sixth grade levels, enjoyed teaching within a self-contained fourth grade classroom, and is finally “putting down roots” as a media specialist at Oakland Elementary School. Amy has earned a Masters degree in Curriculum in Instruction from Illinois State University, National Certification in Early Childhood/Young Adult Mathematics, and recently completed her information specialist endorsement at Illinois State University.
    changing careers.
    Oops...she changed careers...several years after this website debuted, Amy moved on to work at Illinois State University!

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